The Bad Mountain Biker’s Guide

Welcome to the Bad Mountain Biker’s Guide!

Enjoy mountain biking but feel that you’re not very good at it?

Find that reviews of bikes, gear and trails seem to be done by people who assume you’re much better than you are?

This is the place for you!

This site is the place for reviews and advice aimed at new mountain bikers, or mountain bikers who mountain bike only rarely, or people who lack confidence on their bikes, or people who aren’t part of the local mountain bike ‘scene’, or people who for one reason or another think that they’re not as good as they might be on a bike.

Which trails are rideable with only mediocre skill?  Which bits of bike repairs are achievable by hapless amateurs?

In the menu at the top you’ll find general bits of information.  The categories on the right will take you to more specific stuff, trail reviews, advice on technique and gear and anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere.

Also, for cycling current events, videos, news and the opinions and rides of a more experienced mountain biker, check out

Finally, thanks to the absolute gentleman who posted a link to this site on Reddit.  So what time does the narwhal bacon?


2 responses to “The Bad Mountain Biker’s Guide

  1. Zyzzara

    Just stumbled apon this a few nights back. Great content and tips! I’m still a beginner/intermediate rider and alot of things here did help. Keep it up!


    • Great! Glad it helped. If there’s anything you’d like to see then just let me know! I know the site’s a bit limited at the moment but I’ll keep adding content as and when it comes up. Keep riding!


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