As you might be able to tell, this is a rather new site.

As you may also be able to tell, at present it’s really more of a Bad Mountain Biker’s Guide to Wales.  That’s not the way it will stay, but since I’m basing every single post and piece of advice on personal experience and I live in Wales, it’s Wales first I’m afraid.  Of course, the benefit is that there are some world class purpose built mountain bike trails in South Wales.

When I have spare time, and can afford the travel, I’ll check out some more trails further afield.  In the meantime I’ll keep riding and posting reviews of the trails around me.

Similarly, I’ll post more photos of the trails the more I ride with a camera… first post with a photo up today!

Equally, the advice, gear, injuries and techniques are from my personal experience as well, so more of that the more I damage myself and my bike, the more posts there’ll be!

More when there’s more to say!

Update June 2015 – I’m afraid I’ve been offline for a little while so haven’t been able to continue posting things.  Obviously this isn’t a chronological blog format so in some ways it doesn’t matter – but sorry there hasn’t been any new content.  On the plus side, I’ve been riding occasionally in the meantime so there’s some new stuff to put up as soon as I can.

Take care and keep riding.



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